Meet Sacha

hi everyone, welcome to sacha served what!

I am a gluten-free girl who loves food that is typically not gluten-free. So what do I do? Try to make gluten-free food as delicious as possible! Fried food? Check. Cookies? Check. Pasta? You bet! Everything you find on here is gluten-free (without seeming like it’s gluten-free).

I found out that I had Celiac Disease when I was 11 years old, which was when I started to become more of an adventurous eater. Nowadays there are SO MANY amazing gluten-free products, but when I learned that I had Celiac, there was virtually nothing, and the products that were out there DID NOT taste very good. I had to learn to like foods other than pizza and pasta: foods like fish, a larger variety of vegetables, and delicious salads.

My grandma was a big cooking influence for me; she and all of her ELEVEN siblings are from Baghdad, Iraq. My grandma taught me how to use different spices and make classic Jewish Iraqi food. She loved being in the kitchen. Her whole heart was always in it, which is why I believe her food was always amazing. If you put love into your cooking, people can taste it!

After I graduated from college I decided to go to culinary school in Italy. Weird right? A gluten-free girl going to the land of gluten. It was actually beneficial because I learned how to perfect all foods, not just dishes I can eat. Also, who wouldn’t want to go to Italy for half a year?! It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Since then, I’ve worked in various jobs in the food industry: front of house in restaurants, back of house in restaurants, catering kitchens, as a private chef, fresh food compliance, recipe development and food styling. That long journey has brought me here, to you!

My 3 favorite foods are sushi, steak, and ice cream! I don’t make my own sushi since I don’t think I can make it better than master sushi chefs. But on this blog you’ll find lots of diverse recipes, dishes from growing up, recipes I’ve developed in the past, and new recipes I create from ingredients I find laying around my kitchen. I can promise you that all of them are recipes I love to eat, and hope you will too!

I currently live in NYC Los Angeles with my husband, Robbie, and rescue pup, Nelly, who both love to eat! While Nelly eats food from The Farmer’s Dog, Robbie gets to taste test everything I make for my blog. I’m looking forward to virtually sharing my food with you and hope that you make these recipes at home. Feel free to reach out for any questions or comments and follow me on Instagram @sachaservedwhat.