Not Your Average Berry Chia Pudding

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Not Your Average Berry Chia Pudding, Sacha Served What

Why only add berries on top of your chia? My Berry Chia Pudding blends extra berries into the chia pudding mixture for that extra berry flavor (and nutrients)!

CH-CH-CH-CHIA! Don’t you love chia pudding?

Just because I’m a chef, doesn’t mean I am the first to know about every food trend. Years ago, when chia pudding started becoming popular, my best friend started eating it and making her own. Whenever we had sleepovers I would also have some for breakfast, until I became obsessed and started making my own at home.

I’m one of those people that tries my best to eat healthily, but then I have a really fun night out and I binge eat the next day (don’t we all?!). Well, chia pudding is one of my go-to healthy breakfasts, and this one is on constant rotation! You really get so much berry flavor in the pudding itself, plus berries are some of the healthiest foods, so it’s important to pack in as many nutrients as possible. They’re rich in fiber and antioxidants, and they help fight inflammation.

You can make it easy for yourself by prepping ahead of time and keeping it in your refrigerator for a few days. However, I would only add on the granola (if using) when you’re ready to eat it so that it stays crunchy! I also like to slice my strawberries and cut my blackberries in half – one, because sometimes they’re too big for a single bite, and two because they’re prettier that way.

Ingredient Notes:

  • Mixed Frozen Berries – Most grocery stores will have bags on mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) in the frozen foods aisle, however if they don’t have the mixed bag you can choose one or two kinds of frozen berry bags, or use fresh berries instead!
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – I prefer to buy unsweetened almond milk, however if you happen to have sweetened almond milk or vanilla flavored almonds milk at home, you can use that instead. Just use less honey and maple syrup. If you don’t like almond milk and prefer oat milk or coconut milk, you can definitely substitute those, too!
  • Greek Yogurt – I started using greek yogurt in my chia pudding after I learned that JetBlue Mint uses it in theirs (I used to work for them)! It helps make the pudding MUCH creamier and I really prefer the end result. If you are vegan or don’t eat dairy, I recommend buying a dairy-free yogurt, such as a cashew yogurt – Forager makes an amazing one!
  • Honey – If you’re vegan, you can use agave or extra maple syrup here.
  • Superfood Berry Powder – This ingredient is totally optional, but I like to add extra healthy boosters to my foods when possible (I also add this to my smoothies) – it can’t hurt, right?
  • My Favorite Granola – There’s a stall at the Union Square Farmer’s Market called The Gluten-Free Bakery, and I love, love, LOVE their granola. If you can make it there, definitely buy it. If not, you can order it online on their website or use your favorite brand of granola to add to your chia pudding.

Not Your Average Berry Chia Pudding, Sacha Served What

Not Your Average Berry Chia Pudding, Sacha Served What

Not Your Average Berry Chia Pudding

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Breakfast
Servings 4



  • In a blender, add the frozen berries, almond milk, yogurt, honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract, salt, and superfood berry powder, if using. Puree until smooth.
  • Place the almond milk mixture into a medium-sized mixing bowl and add the chia seeds. Whisk to combine, then let sit for 20 minutes. Serve in bowls with fresh berries and granola sprinkled on top.


Storage: The chia pudding can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. While the pudding sits it loses some liquid content, so you may need to add a tablespoon or two of almond milk after a few days.
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